Specialty Vehicles

Lonseal Provides Flooring Solutions to Unique Demands

For over 50 years, Lonseal specialty flooring products have been designed to provide solutions that meet the unique demands of market-specific installations, from areas of emergency vehicles, air-medic and firefighting transportation, multi-passenger vehicles, and recreational vehicles (RVs and vans). Our smooth and embossed finishes offer slip reducing formulation, sound-dampening, and cushioned-step features, as well as eco-friendly and have antimicrobial properties to protect the flooring from degradation. With unrivaled dimensional patterns that have proven themselves in countless installations, Lonseal offers a surface solution to all specialized flooring needs.

Lonseal Specialty Vehicle attributes include:

  • GreenAir® low VOC formulation
  • GreenMedic® inhibits bacteria growth
  • Formulated to reduce slippage
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Stain-resistant (refer to product specifications for a list of chemical resistance)

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Lonplate I – 168 Titanium

Emergency Vehicle

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