Healthcare & Assisted Living

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Lonseal® is acknowledged as one of the leaders in flooring for healthcare and assisted living facilities. We have provided the care and aesthetics needs in healthcare and assisted living spaces for over 50 years. Having the reputation for the highest-quality sheet vinyl products, Lonseal is known to focus on essential caregiving attributes such as stain and slip resistance. It also includes GreenMedic® anti-microbial formula for infection control that is exclusive to Lonseal and has some of the lowest VOC properties of any vinyl flooring product on the market. Our products are designed for healing environments to aid in patient recovery. Lonseal healthcare flooring also helps create a pleasant workplace for caregivers. With its easy-to-clean and long life cycle attributes, personnel can focus more on ensuring effective treatment for patients.

Lonseal healthcare flooring attributes include:

  • Stain resistance
  • Sound absorbent
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Slip resistance
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • GreenMedic® and GreenAir® attributes
  • Healing pattern designs and colors
  • Ideal for: patient rooms, nursing stations, hospice care, LDR, laboratory, neo-natal units, surgical centers, assisted living, emergency room areas, lobbies.

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Healthcare & Assisted Living

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49 Years Of Unparalleled Healthcare Solutions

As an industry leader in healthcare & assisted living flooring, we are proud to offer a collection of high performance products for any healing environment. From high impact performance to infection control and stain resistant materials, our long life cycle collection minimizes workplace disruptions. As the lowest VOC vinyl product on the market, our products both aid in patient recovery and provide a healthy work environment for care-takers. Discover the beauty and resilience of our specialized healthcare flooring.