LEEDv4/4.1 & EPD

GreenVinyl® Products Contributing to LEEDv4/4.1:
Building and Construction Interiors

LEEDv4/4.1 raised the bar and challenged the building industry to become more sustainable than ever before. Lonseal embraces the improvements in LEEDv4/4.1 because it encourages a widespread adoption of healthy building materials that positively affect human health and the environment.

Lonseal’s “GreenVinyl Product Chart” helps specifiers in choosing a product that meets the needs of their projects.


View Lonseal’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) at RFCI under the Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring section here.

Lonseal’s Product Declaration Statement

The GreenVinyl Story

High Performance + Sustainability

An Industry Leader In Exceptional Green Flooring Products

Our commitment to environment is as strong as our commitment to quality. With recycled content and an extended life cycle, our GreenVinyl Program offers a suite of resilient vinyl products that ensure a minimal environmental impact while handing the toughest traffic. Our low-emitting materials are FloorScore® certified, to help provide the purest in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Our products also contribute towards LEED v4/4.1 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization in Environmental Product Declarations (Option 1) as well as Sourcing of Raw Materials (Option 2) Our products also contribute towards LEED v4/4.1 Low-Emitting Materials. We are proud to be a leader in green vinyl technology and our exciting innovations for the future.