Our Team

52 Years Strong

Tamotsu Sato
Tamotsu Sato comes to Lonseal Inc. from the parent company, Lonseal Corporation, in Tokyo, Japan, where he worked since 2013.  Prior to his current CEO position, Mr. Sato previously held the role of the department manager of the R&D and the sales division manager in Lonseal Corporation from 2013 to 2021.  Mr. Sato oversees Lonseal Inc. operations from Tokyo, Japan. He plays a strong and effective role, keeping solid unity between the parent company in Japan and the U.S. division.


Takafumi Kojima
Takafumi Kojima comes from our Parent Company Lonseal Corporation, he joined them in 1998. He has been with the Lonseal Inc Family since 2019 and started off as Director of Corporate Planning and Management. His role is to oversee Lonseal’s success and growth.   


Peter Padilla
Peter Padilla has been with Lonseal since 2009. With his strong experience in both international sales and logistics, he oversees Lonseal’s network of sales agents as well as developing direct customer accounts with existing and new customers through marketing efforts.  Mr. Padilla successfully maintains and adapts to the ever-changing needs of Lonseal’s customers, both national and international, by providing solutions that will help in determining sales, customer needs, products, and services.   


Dottie Greaney
Dottie Greaney was a Managing Partner for her own business from 1985-1998.  In 1998 she rejoined the Corporate world as Territory Manager for one of the largest flooring companies in the industry. Mrs. Greaney joined Lonseal in 2001 and has been Regional Sales Manager since 2003.  Her territory is Western U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.  Her business objectives will always be integrity, support to her sales team for their success, and dedication to hard work.


Lace Greene
Lace Greene joined the Lonseal family in 2016.  She began her marketing career working on interior design and space planning for retail spaces.  Ms. Greene has over 27 years of marketing experience working with high-profile companies from service to product-related industries, with a great deal of attention to branding.  With a personal passion for interior design, she is able to seamlessly translate her previous successful marketing strategies into creating effective marketing plans for Lonseal.


Eric Neihouse
Eric Neihouse joined Lonseal in 2011, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience working in the architectural and construction industries.  Since joining Lonseal, his experience has grown beyond commercial construction to include Lonseal’s varied specialty markets and their unique requirements.  Mr. Neihouse is responsible for all technical and performance aspects of Lonseal’s products, including installation, documentation, and qualification.  His technical knowledge and expertise are also utilized to oversee Lonseal’s quality management system, a critical component of Lonseal’s commitment to customer satisfaction. 


Akira Shimanuki: Research and Development Manager

Robert Messner: Controller

Alfredo Miranda: Human Resource Manager / I.T.