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... so you don't have to.

Lonseal® has led the vinyl surfacing industry in exciting, new directions through technological, visual, and textured innovations. From purchasing to installation to maintenance, we have you covered at every stage and are happy to provide you with comprehensive technical information. With product specifications, data sheets, and our complete floor care instructions, we’ll not only arm you with a beautiful product to achieve your design needs, but also with the resources to keep your installation looking good year after year.

Installation:  Download PDF Files for various types of installations.

Maintenance:  Primary documents used for installations.

Product Specifications:  Technical specifications for individual Lonseal product line.

Adhesives & Sundries:   Technical data sheets (TDS) and safety data sheets (SDS) for Lonseal’s adhesives and sundries.. 

Technical Bulletins:  Miscellaneous documents that can provide further clarification or information. 

Warranties:  Limited warranties for various applications.

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Visit our FAQs page and find your answers to technical, product and customer service questions.  

Lonseal has partnered with 1877FloorGuy.com to provide you with appropriate floor care products. Click on the logo for direct purchase. For inquiries regarding product use, call 877-356-6748 or email help@1877floorguy.com