Aircraft Flooring

While Others Meet the Standards…Lonseal® Flies Above It.

As the leader in resilient vinyl flooring, Lonseal has been providing the aviation industry with unparalleled products and services for over 50 years.

Lonseal became an aviation industry leader because of our featherweight feature in our aircraft flooring products. Our aircraft flooring is more than 30% lighter than standard NTF products. Our material’s lightweight and high strength-to-weight ratio are most often specified by many aircraft designers and airplane manufacturers. Lonseal’s aircraft construction is specifically designed to support the increasing demands of today’s aircraft industry.

Lonseal’s clients include airlines, manufacturers, and MROs. Our products can be found in the entrance, galley, flight deck, and lavatory areas of nearly every type of aircraft. We also meet Boeing and COMAC material specifications and FAA safety standards.

From jumbo passenger jets to cargo carriers, and from charter helicopters to private planes, Lonseal’s aircraft flooring has an unparalleled range of surfaces, such as moisture resistance, slip resistance, sound dampening, and flame retardant that have proven themselves in countless installations. Our wide-width, sheet vinyl makes seam welding virtually obsolete.  Our proven multi-layer technology protects product color and pattern fidelity against both the toughest traffic and the test of time. This ensures Lonseal’s resilient finishes durable in every kind of environment.

Lonseal products also meet the criteria outlined by REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals), the European Union regulation that addresses the production and use of chemical substances. REACH is quickly becoming a worldwide production standard and Lonseal is pleased to be at the forefront of this important initiative.

Our aircraft flooring also meets FAA requirements FAR 25.853a (12-second vertical flammability test) and FAR 25.793 (factor sliding friction). The LONCOIN II FEATHERWEIGHT is under the AXIS collection.

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Lonseal Aviation flooring attributes include:

  • REACH compliant formulation
  • Featherweight feature
  • Some of the lowest VOC properties in the market
  • Custom coloring and patterning available
  • 72 in (1.8 m) – 96 in. (2.4 m) wide rolls available
  • World-wide product stock for timely order shipment
  • Meets FAR 25.853a and FAR 25.793
  • Loncoin II Featherweight meets D643A504

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