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Lonseal® Resilient Sheet Vinyl Flooring: “The Little Giant”

Every year at our B+C tradeshows, I’m often asked where Lonseal stands among other giants in the resilient sheet vinyl flooring industry.  In truth…we really don’t compete with them.  We are tiny compared to other leaders in the resilient sheet vinyl flooring industry.  So, how is it that Lonseal is able to be where we are today?  By being “the little giant”.


Who is Lonseal®?

Lonseal, Inc. is in its 48th year of producing resilient sheet vinyl flooring.  We launched our California facility in 1971 and quickly established ourselves as a provider of unique flooring designs with distinctive color choices.  In the early 80’s, Lonplate I – the original steel-plate design adapted to resilient sheet vinyl flooring – put us on the map as a creator of innovative, embossed sheet vinyl flooring products. 

Let me put it in a different perspective.  Think of the fast-food industry, in particular the burger business.  Colossal companies in the burger industry include McDonalds, Carls Jr., and Burger King.  They all promote many different varieties of burgers.  They also promote other items in their menus that are complimentary to a burger (i.e. salad..if you find that complimentary).  Then you have a company like In-N-Out Burger who has a reputation for making the best burger in California.  They only sell one thing…fresh quality burgers!  You won’t see other items in their menus like a salad or burrito wraps.  They focus on making the perfect simple classic burger that does not produce taste fatigue.  This is where the saying “quality over quantity” comes into play.  People often travel far just to have their burger. 

Lonseal has the same story.  We don’t claim to be one of the big boys in the sheet vinyl flooring industry.  Lonseal is known as “the little giant” because we focus on making one thing…sheet vinyl flooring that will over-deliver the quality.  We have our mind set to continue doing what we do best, which is producing the most durable, strongest performing, classically designed, resilient sheet vinyl flooring.   


Lonseal Inspirations

Our inspirations for designs comes from the environment we live in.  We create transitional designs that combine the best of traditional and contemporary styles to create a look that is timeless, classic, and eliminate the worry about the floor going out of style.  A great example is our Loneco® Linen, which is a perfect balance of function and beneficial effects and it creates a comfortable, organic look in a room.  Linen is an extremely durable and strong fabric that is resistant to damage from abrasion, which is in accord with Lonseal’s product specifications.  

We are constantly in awe of what the leaders in our industry can do.  Their innovation makes us feel proud we are part of the industry they contributed their innovations to.  The only thing that differentiates us from the giants is our “menu”. 

So, how does Lonseal stay in the game?  Our reputation is based on the quality of our product.  We are not known for having low-priced products because of the elevated grade of ingredients we use in our formulations.  While our competitors use the minimum standards to provide an economical priced item, we only concentrate on making high-quality vinyl sheet flooring products.  Specifiers for healthcare and assisted living facilities have relied on us for their building projects because we are part of a solution in all aspects of healthcare design needs.  High-impact facilities such as weight rooms and hot yoga studios praise the performance of our resilient sheet vinyl flooring in their demanding environment.  Retail and hospitality spaces admire our products multi-purpose use for their flooring and fixturesEducational facilities, in particular child care developments centers, are confident in our products because of our attention to safety and noise factors.


Did You Know This About Lonseal?

You’ve probably seen us on popular television shows such as American Idol®, Wheel of Fortune®, and Jeopardy.  Lonseal has been used by high-profile companies for their trade show exhibits and studios.  Did you know that you’ve probably step foot on a Lonseal product when boarding a commercial large passenger airplane?  If you fly with any commercial airplane made by Boeing, such as American Airlines, Delta Air Line, United Airlines, most likely that is Lonseal aviation flooring in the entry way and galley.  Hopefully, you won’t need to see the inside of a medical helicopter; but in the event you are in one, look down at our flooring!  If you ever decide to go on a cruise with Holland America, Lonseal marine flooring will be on deck with you. 

Why am I sharing the other side of Lonseal?  EXTENSIVE PRODUCT TESTING.  Many of the products specified for building and commercial purposes are also heavily sought out by specialty industries such as aviation, marine and specialty vehicles (i.e. emergency vehicles, firetrucks, and recreational vehicles).  That is how durable Lonseal’s resilient sheet vinyl flooring is!  Specialty applications have additional engineering formulation in order to pass a series of industry-related certification tests.  It may take many rounds of testing in order to get the proper stamp of approval.  This is an investment Lonseal believes in. 

Lonseal’s capabilities exceed the minimum requirement needed in specialty applications such as aircraft.  That same capabilities carry over to the building and commercial side.  Not only are we able to stay in the game with our above-the-bar work ethics, but we are AHEAD of the game by doing this. 


What is in the future for Lonseal within the Resilient Sheet Vinyl Flooring Industry?

With regards to new products, we truly do get our inspiration from the world in which we live in.  The giants in the resilient sheet vinyl flooring industry are constantly in a design race because time is money.  We will continue to take an intellectual approach and invest time in researching the right flooring designs for various interior environments.  We want to connect interior environments with the rest of humanity.  To be successful in what we produce, our product development team leaves their design ego out the door.  By doing this, we turn on our instinctive and emotional part of our brains and design with humanity.  Humanity is not only the people that come into the building for visitor’s experience, but also those who work in the building who deserve a pleasant environment to be productive in.

Lonseal launched its new website in December of 2017.  The message we want to get out is that Lonseal is more than just flooring for structures.  Lonseal embraces applications in buildings and fixtures to airplanes, boats and specialty vehicles.  Lonseal is bigger than most people think.  It will show why we are unique, as well as a clear sense of what Lonseal offers.  Our website will unite both our commercial and specialty divisions and confirm our tag line:  STRENGTH – PERFORMANCE – TRUST.


Lace Greene-Cordts began her marketing career working on interior design and space planning for retail and commercial spaces.  She has over 20 years of marketing experience working with high-profile companies from service to product related industries, with a great deal of attention to branding. 


Lace Greene-Cordts is the Marketing Manager for Lonseal Sheet Vinyl Flooring