Case Study

Kosair Children's Medical Center

Design Firm

Karlsberger, Columbus, Ohio


Louisville, KY


Lonwood Natural


Lonseal® Case Study: Helping Turn Healthcare Flooring Into Kids’ Play


Defining the look of children’s healthcare spaces is a tough one.  Designers have to show sensitivity without being stuffy, impart a sense of fun without seeming frivolous and their end result has to please everyone from architects to administrators to parents to – most important – the kids themselves.

Since a key element of any interior space is the flooring, particular attention must be paid to the area that not only sets the tone of the space, but also faces the most stressful wear and tear.

That challenge was met by the Karlsberger firm in Columbus, OH, who were tasked with designing the interior for the Kosair Children’s Medical Center at Brownsboro in Louisville, KY.  For the floor, the Karlsberger team selected resilient sheet vinyl from Lonseal to give direction, vibrancy and durability to over 1,000 sq. yds. of hospital interior.  In utilizing Lonseal’s Lonwood Natural line of maple wood grains and distinctive hues, they created an intriguing and playful floor space that met the specific directive of the hospital administrators.

Karlsberger Interior Designer, Char Hawkins, “The hospital’s vision was to create a whimsical environment, but without being too literal in theme.  Since the building’s exterior featured a wave pattern in the canopies and roof structures, we incorporated that element, dubbed the ‘Ribbon of Life’ into the floor pattern through wisps or ribbons of colors.  These contributed to a more abstract nature-theme of streams of wind or water.

The Lonwood Natural line fit our vision perfectly.  We had developed the color palette first – again, not using a literal theme like primary colors.  The hospital is for children of all ages, so we wanted more sophisticated color choices which we found in the Lonwood line.”

Char and her team selected the diverse Buckwheat, Nutshell, Babbling Creek, Rainfall and Quail Eggs colors to articulate bold pathways and energetic directions on the hospital floors.  “The Lonwood Natural palette was an target for what we were thinking of.” says Char.  “The product also had the important durability factor.”

An added value to installation was the Lonseal’s factory-applied urethane finish, Topseal, which saves time on maintenance, money on life-cycle costs, and impact on the environment.  It is applied in a 30-micron layer – 3xs thicker than most PUR finishes – and has an eco-friendly formulation that incorporates Lonseal’s GreenAir® technology for low VOCs as well as GreenMedic® for increased microbial resistance.  The Topseal collection includes not only the Lonwood Natural line, but also Lonwood Dakota, which features stronger wood grains, Loneco®, which incorporates wood chips into its over 50% recycled formulation, and Loneco® Linen, a weave look.

Faced with the charge of articulating a space as important as a healing environment for children, interior designers can meet the challenges with creativity, insight, imagination and, in this case, a little help from Lonseal.

Lonwood Natural Features:

  • Sophisticated color palette
  • Durable sheet vinyl flooring
  • Topseal (no-wax) finish
  • Eco-friendly formulation
  • GreenAir® technology for low VOCs
  • GreenMedic® technology for microbial resistance