Manuals, Checklists and Guides

Download PDF files for various types of Lonseal flooring product installations.  If uncertain which documents pertain to your installation, please contact us.



These are primary documents used for installation.

  • Interior Flooring Manual:  This manual is used for all interior and semi-exterior installations of Lonseal flooring.
  • Londeck Manual:  This manual is used for exterior applications of Londeck.



These checklists are provided to help installers ensure they purchase all necessary material for their installation.



These are supplementary documents to the manuals.  They are intended to provide more detailed installation instructions and information for the types of installations noted.

  • Aircraft: For use with all aircraft installations (airplanes, helicopters, etc.).  Be aware that the aircraft manufacturer may have their own documents for installation and these may need to supersede Lonseal’s instructions to meet their warranty or FAA requirements.
  • Elevator: For use with all installations in passenger elevators.
  • Exhibits & Show Floors: For use with temporary or short-term installations.
  • Fitness Flooring: For use with Lonseal’s fitness flooring (Loncourt I, Loncourt UV, Lonwood Performa, and Lonwood
    with Foam).
  • Fixtures: For use with all cabinet, counter, display, or fixture installations.
  • Flash Coving: For use when flash coving Lonseal flooring.
  • Hot Yoga Studio: For use when installing in hot yoga studios that do not exceed 105 °F (40.6 °C) air temperature and 85 °F (29.4 °C) substrate temperature.
  • Lonmat: For use with all Lonmat installations in marine or naval vessels.
  • Lonsafe: For use when installing Lonseal flooring with the Lonsafe underlayment.
  • Marine: For use with all marine installations (excludes Lonmat, which should use the noted guide above), including Lonseal’s MED/USCG certified flooring.
  • Patient Rooms: For use in all healthcare patient room installations, where patient beds are expected.  Also used for locations expecting heavy dynamic or static loads.
  • Raised Panel Systems: For use when installing over a raised panel system.
  • Stairs: For use with all interior stair installations.
  • Vehicle: For use with all ground vehicle installations.
  • Wood Grain Patterns: For use with all wood grain patterned products.

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