Adhesives & Sundries

Technical and Safety Data Sheets

These are the technical data sheets (TDS) and safety data sheets (SDS) for Lonseal’s adhesives and sundries.


#180 DeckHold Vinyl Decking AdhesiveTDS ¦ SDS

For use with exterior, building installations of Londeck only.


#400 Contact AdhesiveTDS  ¦ SDS

For use in all non-horizontal installations of Lonseal flooring or where instant bond is necessary.


#650 Two-Component, Solvent-Free Epoxy Adhesive:  TDS  ¦ SDS

For use in all installations where extreme conditions will exist after installation.


Double Face Tape (DFT):  TDS ¦ SDS

For use in fully interior installations with Lonsealer and when heat welding is required less than 24 hours after installation.


Lonmarine® TrimTDS ¦ SDS

For use with Lonseal’s marine flooring.


Lonsealer:  TDS ¦ SDS

For use in fully interior installations only, as an alternative to heat welding.


Lontape:  TDS ¦ SDS

For use in all installations of Lonseal flooring.


Premium Bond #755 Sheet Vinyl AdhesiveTDS ¦ SDS

For use with fully interior installations of Lonseal flooring only.


Show TapeTDS ¦ SDS

For temporary installations of Lonseal flooring.


Welding ThreadTDS ¦ SDS

For heat welding seams of Lonseal flooring.