Recommendations and Procedures


Lonseal does not stock maintenance products, but has worked closely with various maintenance product manufacturers.  The chart below contains a list of the most current products tested and approved by those manufacturers.

  • Recommended Maintenance Products Chart:  This chart contains the maintenance product tested by the listed manufacturers as the most compatible product to use with Lonseal flooring.  Any questions regarding these products and their use should be directed to the listed manufacturer.



These are the general guides for maintaining Lonseal flooring.  The product pages will link directly to the most appropriate maintenance guide for that flooring.

*Apply finish and maintain as noted for fully interior installations only. Follow the maintenance recommendations as shown in the Londeck Manual when installed in exterior or semi-exterior applications.



Lonseal has partnered with to provide you with appropriate floor care products. Click on the logo for direct purchase. For inquiries regarding product use, call 877-356-6748 or email